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“Image to come”
mixed media on 4 canvas’s; total size 40″ x 40″ (Top Right)

When I painted “Bohemian rapsody”, I had moved into a phase of joy and celebration in my life, a time of fulfillment in my knowledge of myself, acceptance of life’s challenges, moving on to embrace all that life offers. This phase is depicted in the dancing figures which fly across my canvas’s one after another, taking me with them into further depths. My work always represents where I am at the time: spiritually, emotionally and in actuality. The figures are realistic only to a point, after which they become idealised in some way that best reflects the phase of my own life experience.

To the Bottom Right

This texture-craft image has been chosen to head this site because of it’s personal meaning to Finela, as this artwork heralded the arrival of her children.

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