African Stool Drum

This artwork features a carved & crafted 3-legged African drum with selected items of African beadwork leaning on the leg, or lying on top of the drum.
The vast array of traditional objects, jewellery, clothing & musical instruments made in Africa are a constant source of inspiration for the artist, Finela Moore.  The colours & textures of these things represent the rich and beautiful visual feast that African artists & craftsmen have to offer.
One can almost hear the drumming & the sounds of birds calling, distant lowing cattle, & the zing of beetles across the African plains.
The texture of the landscape is echoed by the texture of this backdrop.
This piece is SOLD.
Anyone seeking similar artwork, contact us at the address supplied.
Commissions are welcome ~ 25% non-refundable deposit, bulk upon completion.
Price varies according to size and other requirements.

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