Carved decorative pot/jar African

Quirky abstracted image of a devided two-handled pot.
This artwork was painted in New Zealand around 2005 – 2015, during the divided pottery phase.  The pottery phase was all about humans depicted as earthen vessels.  The divided pots represent the inner conflict of the human condition, or the union of difference as relating to marriage, for example.
I was very concerned with texture and a decorative finish that spoke of decorative pottery, particularly rougher earthenware pottery.
The character of the pottery and art piece was meant also to harken toward the naive.  I have always been very inspired by child art.  My own children, and teaching children art at the time, helped as a source of inspiration.
The colours & textures were to be essentially earthy, rich, warm, yet with highlight areas of strong primary colour, elements of visual shock, a dynamic of tension between the natural & the unnatural.  Similarly there was to be a play of different textures to offset against one another.
All of these artworks are SOLD.
Anything you would desire replicated is possible, by request to the contact address provided.  Prices vary depending on size, finish & your mailing address.  The artist considers any project.

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